Wings of eternity

Wings of eternity

As darkness surrounds my being,
I start to look around for hope,
Because I can’t see my life,
Apart, from your love.

In silence I stand with agony,
As my accomplice in forging,
The force the warm thy heart,
And enjoy your touch and smile.

And thou these words might seem,
Simple and plain, look at them,
Feel their pulse thus you will know,
How much, God is my witness,
I love you.

Look at me with thy heart, my darling,
And love will ignite your hidden desire,
For it was written in the stars, the blessing,
That we shall never be apart… 
once no is gone. 

There will come a day when, 
Love will direct you to me...
And then i will be waiting, 
for your touch and embrace. 

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