My friend, my everything

Happy together

Falling in love near pillows of happiness,
Seems like a dream sent from above.
You holding tight my heart appears to be
A light, that keeps on growing each day.

Far from you, in this empty and strange island,
I hide in fairy-darkness, in the sleep of late,
As to find your blushing smile, thy tender kisses
My inner calm, my soon to be, my everything.

A special world, a bond sealed through souls,
Now listen to the silence, its soothing grace,
That asks for your hand, please have courage
Come with me from today straight to forever.

Love? A word to describe angelic beings, you…
A thought for eternity, a wave of gentle feelings,
A divine touch made by hearts and true emotions,
And love… our destiny written in God’s humble grave.

Wait for me...

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