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Omega    A storm is coming, beware you mortals, Its shadow will envelop millions,   Trying to run, light has no answer,  Disturbing fact, now all is lost. The wind is changing, he carries screams, And bright blue fire erupting across the land, The sky is silent nobody is coming, With words of agony we’re slowly dying. Homes will subside to the darkness ahead, Hope and faith will blindly meet their end, Through shadow, flame will overcome, Mind and hearts are dead and gone. Now remember your days, and despair, The kings of old won’t slain the present, Shame on man, gloat and understand this, The road to death will come, no questions. The sadness in their eyes I saw it, oh darkness, And thirsty I reek of blood and dismay, Thou I am the bearer of end and destruction, Now pain and anguish fuels my intentions. O sorrow, o God, they whisper for mercy, I can’t give them any, for I am redemption, Death and corruption falling

Love's angel

 Mistrust Under our bridge the river’s filled with sadness, And calmly, here under our tree, I’m crying,   For now he’s rotten with no leaves and dying, Ripped from the world dusting away the malice, The final days of the evil seeds you planted.   Under a blanket of stars near him, I’m smiling, Remember now! Our ancient love of Sundays, The favorite day, the escape with all the loving, So gone, so far, becoming one of many shadows, Losing my inner self, so tired, I’m slowly dying. Voices and cries, my mind is losing all senses, Trials of insanity I passed them, I’m champion,    Writing my sadness in the blackboard of darkness, No sympathy is needed, alone in silence, not broken, The cold starts to embrace me, it’s over, and I’m leaving.   The casket is lowered; I climb the ladder to heaven, My mother is crying, her hands can’t stop from shaking, The light overcomes me, in flashes the steps seem to linger, She’s there now I see her, f


Charmed There is a light out there it’s frightening, How come she stands alone facing the world? So fray, so shy, so bold and always wanting, Her name is love, she boldly fights the cold. The embracing cold sends chills to her, it’s sad, With every breath she begs with tears for him to stop, Shadowy ghouls are crawling near her gloomy hands, She screams to God to save her from the end, In stretching silence her last tear begins to drop, Across her cheeks, her chest inside her heart. She falls, kneeling with pain, begins to shiver, Her eyes are dry, she starts to understand, Her mouth starts moving whispering the words: “There is no hope, the time is now, so right to die”.

Contemplare in absolut

Scorched lands We walk alone the path of righteousness Through swamps and mud of misery divine Dodging our flesh from swarming dead past To seek a branch of hope, to reach our soul A Quest of life worth fighting for. Sore dreams reaping the vast abyss Creating rifts of blinding torments We follow gently looking back, The vacuum hunts our daily lives Shifting the gears of destiny to us. The screams of shadows echoing the present Standing alone against the dark, Clueless of time bearing the pain, Lost without balance in but still out Crumbling earth eating our minds. Flows of molting crust bursts from the ground Relieving pressure matching his hate, The stars themselves are leaving our side, Corrupted landscapes our eyes take heart, Sheltering no more our way of life. We cry, we knell, and pray to God No answer now, we had our chance, Brave humans, lift up your heads and take a bow The flesh might die, but something will endure Our souls will forever search the skies.

O mica reflexie poetica

Frozen river Sweet fallen embrace of death come forth, Taste the human’s pitiful sorrow grace, Rejoice in their decadent ways of late, Show no mercy in the final hours of discontent. There is no need for weeping, Children, The reapers grip is quick and painless Salvation lacks of hope and dreams, Illusions fade, just close your mortal eyes It’s time to leave this wretched world. The fields of everlasting glory For which you fought all of your life, Are waiting clearly on the other side The blight of day and calm blue sky, Your turn it’s now, enjoy the ride. You mortals grind shadows of southing future Don’t cry for man, he is but late To catch a train in heaven’s station, Becoming one with loving tension, In ancestral promise of redemption The single thing worth fighting for The warm embrace of God’s reflection.