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Caverns of impurity, follow me inside

Torn asunder  the Grim Reaper becomes me  Stabbing away with love the dreams we had,  Concerning with the facts of life, we hide, In caves of loneliness and filth, terrorized by lust, We find ourselves without remorse, becoming fast, Blind, drunk with sadness and high on poverty, Scarred at looking in the dark for still we are, Too young to understand the right to live. The tools we used to think will save the world, Mankind has stripped them all, without a care, Deaf at Mother Nature’s cries and screams, We slowly die losing our mind each day. Conscientious that the once long term perils, Have come to threat streams of families, The once great and mighty has returned too late, To seek the help of the Creator, but imagine that, In every breath sins are pouring through the lands, Cast from the heavens, man tries every day to buy, The formula of everlasting life on Earth, Ignorant to God’s wishes and teachings, Their souls are lost, Heaven is eternal. Arrogance stands wit


Flowers "The first time we kissed i brought you flowers, My life around your heart is showed in colors,  Of love with roses covering your presence lady, I hope the time will stop again and bring me warmth, For every embrace you give is heaven. I ache to feel your pulsing lips my lady, With flowers covering your every step, Well reach together the lovers silence, And simply love each other always.     Let’s go around the world lets travel With love as guide we’ll see the mountains, Gardens full of hope and everlasting touches Our hearts are pounding our minds are falling Losing all senses love sets firmly the boundaries."

Lust, temptations, awarness,love and wild crude X's

Lustful temptations I lust for your flesh, it taste, flows just like honey, Drowning each time I have the chance to sip it, I feel now alive more than before craving your sweetness.   Your skin is melting; my mouth drips from your bosom, For lips are matching in kisses, thoughts are uniting, The bedroom is calling and old habits are dying. The first touch is electric the main cloths are ripped, Minds are connected hearts beat faster and faster, Time froze all of his references our present is more important, Flames vastly burns through sense of excitement, Thighs are help up and crude nudity is aching, Now scratch my obsession and scream your despair. The bed starts now to shiver in pleasurable hours, Sins formed through our senses claiming our souls, For sex is the answer in night’s cold awareness. Tongues are relapsing and the fights’ far from over, Now bite off the clutches of love’ sweet limitations, Joyful occasion, now we are sinners’ no


Reaching hope In endless nights with chill-storming fears, The dark man listens with wrathful patience, A broken step, closer to dying... His joyful cheer, our painless silence. The darkness shivers, when in a corner A distant shy but growing light, Making a bold reach, tries to resurface From ages past and prisons of despair A ray of hope crossing the eternal. Not looking back at solitude’s company She grabs a hold of a fragile human’s hand Ignoring spawns of evils that surrounds them Hope has arisen long lost forgotten. Insanity conjures the hearts of millions Strange feelings that time locked in a bubble With hope’s encounter come to release Rivers of tears, washing our curses The mortal sins fade close to extinction. Bright, the scent of freedom gazes, And kneels before the sun’s due time The storm turns into a breeze of valor Life’s blooming, so proud of man.

Love in different keys of happyness

Sunny Moon And shine now, and go beyond the lines of yesterday, And go on, past the spirits that once adored you, And hope then and hence forgiveness will reach out, And open, your eyes, your soul to loving sunny presence, For mercy is leaving and prays for thy sweet embracing lips. And smile humbly; give the world reasons to laugh again, And run swiftly, remember thou the presents of last winter, And look back, at my eager tears washing your bosom, And let my ego to subside, thy scent of loving treasures, For love is close at hand combining two souls in one. And for too lovely for words, I’m so ashamed dishonoring your grace, And stand closer, met my soul though the blinks of my eyes, And embrace with ease, your fragile kneeling beating heart, And imagine, a house narrowing the corners of a family, For magic is real: when dreams linger over our wavering wishes.   And fight on; rip off the clothes stained with depression, And sing now, throw d