Reaching hope

In endless nights with chill-storming fears,
The dark man listens with wrathful patience,
A broken step, closer to dying...
His joyful cheer, our painless silence.

The darkness shivers, when in a corner
A distant shy but growing light,
Making a bold reach, tries to resurface
From ages past and prisons of despair
A ray of hope crossing the eternal.

Not looking back at solitude’s company
She grabs a hold of a fragile human’s hand
Ignoring spawns of evils that surrounds them
Hope has arisen long lost forgotten.

Insanity conjures the hearts of millions
Strange feelings that time locked in a bubble
With hope’s encounter come to release
Rivers of tears, washing our curses
The mortal sins fade close to extinction.

Bright, the scent of freedom gazes,
And kneels before the sun’s due time
The storm turns into a breeze of valor
Life’s blooming, so proud of man.

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