Caverns of impurity, follow me inside

Torn asunder

the Grim Reaper becomes me

Stabbing away with love the dreams we had,
Concerning with the facts of life, we hide,
In caves of loneliness and filth, terrorized by lust,
We find ourselves without remorse, becoming fast,
Blind, drunk with sadness and high on poverty,
Scarred at looking in the dark for still we are,
Too young to understand the right to live.

The tools we used to think will save the world,
Mankind has stripped them all, without a care,
Deaf at Mother Nature’s cries and screams,
We slowly die losing our mind each day.
Conscientious that the once long term perils,
Have come to threat streams of families,
The once great and mighty has returned too late,
To seek the help of the Creator, but imagine that,
In every breath sins are pouring through the lands,
Cast from the heavens, man tries every day to buy,
The formula of everlasting life on Earth,
Ignorant to God’s wishes and teachings,
Their souls are lost, Heaven is eternal.

Arrogance stands with pride at the wake of humanity,
What once fuelled their decadent paths in life?
Is closing giggling devilish withstanding logic,
Erupting the foundations of religions and faith,
Worse than suicide divine it’s fair to tell,
Man has groaned wanting more fortunes,
Jealous with God, mad, thinking He’s lying,
Slow painful death, the job mankind’s applying. 

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