Lust, temptations, awarness,love and wild crude X's

Lustful temptations

I lust for your flesh, it taste, flows just like honey,
Drowning each time I have the chance to sip it,
I feel now alive more than before craving your sweetness. 
Your skin is melting; my mouth drips from your bosom,
For lips are matching in kisses, thoughts are uniting,
The bedroom is calling and old habits are dying.

The first touch is electric the main cloths are ripped,
Minds are connected hearts beat faster and faster,
Time froze all of his references our present is more important,
Flames vastly burns through sense of excitement,
Thighs are help up and crude nudity is aching,
Now scratch my obsession and scream your despair.

The bed starts now to shiver in pleasurable hours,
Sins formed through our senses claiming our souls,
For sex is the answer in night’s cold awareness.
Tongues are relapsing and the fights’ far from over,
Now bite off the clutches of love’ sweet limitations,
Joyful occasion, now we are sinners’ no longer strangers.  

A volcano is rising flows of fluids are souring,
Lakes cover our bodies blame the sweat of our union,
Try my raw reverence adoration of your carnal reflection,
Clouds of new tensions cast out our past inhibitions,
And channel thy energy to make this love epochal,
Whisper my name I’ll return you the favor,
                     Open thy eyes, cry out the pain.

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