Love's angel


Under our bridge the river’s filled with sadness,
And calmly, here under our tree, I’m crying,  
For now he’s rotten with no leaves and dying,
Ripped from the world dusting away the malice,
The final days of the evil seeds you planted.
Under a blanket of stars near him, I’m smiling,
Remember now! Our ancient love of Sundays,
The favorite day, the escape with all the loving,
So gone, so far, becoming one of many shadows,
Losing my inner self, so tired, I’m slowly dying.

Voices and cries, my mind is losing all senses,
Trials of insanity I passed them, I’m champion,   
Writing my sadness in the blackboard of darkness,
No sympathy is needed, alone in silence, not broken,
The cold starts to embrace me, it’s over, and I’m leaving. 

The casket is lowered; I climb the ladder to heaven,
My mother is crying, her hands can’t stop from shaking,
The light overcomes me, in flashes the steps seem to linger,
She’s there now I see her, falling and the running,
Crying and screaming in agony coming to see me.

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