A storm is coming, beware you mortals,
Its shadow will envelop millions,
Trying to run, light has no answer,
Disturbing fact, now all is lost.

The wind is changing, he carries screams,
And bright blue fire erupting across the land,
The sky is silent nobody is coming,
With words of agony we’re slowly dying.

Homes will subside to the darkness ahead,
Hope and faith will blindly meet their end,
Through shadow, flame will overcome,
Mind and hearts are dead and gone.

Now remember your days, and despair,
The kings of old won’t slain the present,
Shame on man, gloat and understand this,
The road to death will come, no questions.

The sadness in their eyes I saw it, oh darkness,
And thirsty I reek of blood and dismay,
Thou I am the bearer of end and destruction,
Now pain and anguish fuels my intentions.

O sorrow, o God, they whisper for mercy,
I can’t give them any, for I am redemption,
Death and corruption falling through courage,
It’s only a step in God’s grand creation.

Arise now you humans come face your extinction,
Bring down you’re allegiance, see clearly thy paths,   
Time has forgiven; the cycle is near its completion,
You’ve been here before, the sins keep on winning.

You think in the present that end will outlast you,
Mistaken at last, eternity awaits you’re arrival,
Harbors of light with angels as sailors,
They’ll guide you to God, the beginnings of ages.

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