Broken letters

Broken letters
Gates of Hell

I’m melting inside,
For love is absent,
In my tiny life.
And curses fade,
Near Heaven’s light,
For none may say,
I preach true sight.
But come of age,
In sinner’s flight,
My tender voice,
Who sleeps at night.
But those that hope,
Should die alone,
For God has left.
This prison of mud,
That drowns hearts,
Grows with millions,
Dooming the once essence,
Of pure, nurturing love.
For you out there,
Dressed in illusions,
Open your eyes,
Run swiftly away,
And save their mind.
The leaves will fall,
Upon these letters,
And some will see,
The truth behind them;
For now, we slowly perish,
In Hell’s open arms.  

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