Whispers in the dark

Whispers in the dark

The night becons under the leaves of thunder,
Where creatures roam with eyes of demons,
And Heaven trembles enslaving rows of fathers.
With seven eyes of fear and looming fire,
The stellar monsters begin their rituals,
Decaying whispers feed the ghostly hours
…thus opening the gates of Tartarus.

The pit of malice drowns empty souls,
Forgeting covenants with ancient gods,
For now the night brings down the liars,
Ripping with brute force their rooten hearts.
Where is thy light within death’s hands,
For neither hope or warmth divine,
Covers the trembling corpses of humanity?

-Come to me, the night is full of hate,
And angels cry with blood and sorrow,
The bed is black you know thy fate,
So do it quick, regrets will simply grow,
But be aware of Cerberus, don’t be late.
Death is a crossing of deadly whispers,
Follow the cries of despair, of sinners,
And there you’ll find your place;
Rejoice the torment is crowned in silence,
Your dead, lost and forgotten. 

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