Dreaming of life

Dreaming of life

I saw in a grain of pulsing minutes,
The shard of electricity with grace,
And in the moment of my wake,
Delirium embraced the fading sounds.

Where are you griving hour,
And why do you succumb to fear,
Are not thy rusty children near?
O, Mother Earth your nephew Time,
Plays yet again with drowning fire,
Constructing fear and passing lovers.

You stand alone deep in the darkness,
Without the candle of salvation,
For Love, you stubborn clay of whispers,
Dared to provoke the mighty humans.

How could you trust the emptiness?
The filthy morning of despair that
In a second brought Time’s shackels,
Scalping the magic within farytales.
And now the world begins to tremble
For yet again the storm has come,
To grap the souls of pattern-dreams;
The gateway to the gold Apocalypse.

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