Life without you

Life without you

Now, let me try to show you,
A simple truth with divine pulse,
The scar which won’t leave my soul alone,
A pain that I love, bits of your smile.

Today, I remembered why God,
Created love and its deep emotions.
For yesterday covered in sadness,
Blind from the light, I couldn’t picture,
Standing near you, under the breeze
Of whispering stars.

Our story, our bond, our everything,
Deserves a real chance of happiness,
Because my heart is smiling near you,
My mind is writing balads of love,
And my soul is an odyssey of warmth.

Something somewhere was truly broken,
But if you let me, I’ll promise this,
With every breath of my beating life,
I’ll cherish day after day thy all of you,
And cover your senses with deep love,
For I can’t lie:
Without you I’m nothing.

You, my heroine, my heart, my morning smile, my evening star, my true success, my hope of light…let me love thy heart, for tomorrow will be forever.
Two roses of hope

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