And sometimes I wonder,
Why God brought me,
In a sunny May Day,
The beautiful in both,
Heart and soul,

And when your smiles,
Find their place in my eyes,
The world seems to hover,
Somewhere in the distance,
For I am mesmerized by grace divine,
A piece of Heaven through thy sight.

And you kiss me, dreams appear,
Caressing our lips, our touches,
For muse and poet become,
In such a tender, loving act,
One in mind, body and soul.
Remember thy hands lost,
In my hair, my hums of joy,
And come to me with words,
With all that you are, for now
My heart is yours till eternity
And beyond…

And know that I love you,
Only you, from night’s blanket
To morning’s cold dew,
Seconds, minutes and hours,
With smiles, calm and tranquility…
(That’s what my love represents
And it’s entirely yours).
And thank you for you gave me,
A beacon of light in the dark,
Water after a dry run in the desert,
A heart to help me sleep better,
A hand to console my bitterness,
A touch of goodness which saved me,
Giving to a lost boy something precious,
A reason to smile.  

As the cherry tree blossoms life smiles in your eyes.

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