The jewel of love

The jewel of love 

Thou people live the kisses of true feelings,
Petite rays of hope release the hidden phrase,
With an emotion giving birth to passion, care,
And night's blue breathless long embraces,
Now whisper calmly I love you..

When someone tender, beautiful as you,
Looks deeply in my eyes, I smile and say,
"I can't believe our hearts are so alike, today,
My lips haunt, thy warming little paradise,
Of touches filled with the divine, my angel.      

First time my very being is dancing freely, 
For you are sending magic through a kiss. 
How can i explain the sight of you so clearly?
None may understand the love of dreams,
Built around a soft love smiling brightly.      

Your gentle glance entitles me to think, 
That love is real, no dreams just reality of late. 
Come now, my sweet jewel and fall with me, 
Open your magic wand from thy heart. See,
Our maple tree is smiling back with care, 
Because with affection little blue me
loves someone wonderful as you...

Just love.

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