Fallen Guardian

Fallen Guardian

Flying high on the wings of humanity,
I fell and broke my spirit’s grandeur,
The truth I saw about their dreams,
Left me in the ground with bleeding scars.
Ideals of light, God’s grand design,
Shattered away far, far from time.

Figures of grief, shadows of sorrow
Come forth and call your minions
The Earth is set as your dominion,
Their lust for evil will endure,
They are but remnants, they’re not alive.

 “-My Lord I knell humbled, ashamed
My mission failed, I let you down,
Darkness surrounds them,
The dreams I had, my hopes in man,
Crushed and destroyed by their decay”.

“-I heard your cries, and still, my son,
Their lack of faith slips my attention,
My love for man’s potential is timeless
When the end will come, my swift reply
With warming grace, my hands will guide them
So now, go forth, preach of forgiveness
Beg them to change, show them the way,
If not my tears with flames will scour their hearts
And with winds of wrathful fury, man will not die
But he will return to the dust from which he came”.

Strength and mercy will rain upon you,
The task you have it’s far from easy,
Eternal knowledge the search it’s hidden,
In mankind’s heart, deep, there you will find,
The orb of power to change this world,
Without the evils grasp, both mind and soul.

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