Once upon a time

Once upon a time

In ancient times of endless nights,
There was a princess carved in ice,
Set in a garden, guarded by flowers
(The vessels of eternal hope)...

And she was loved by all that came,
To see her face, to touch her grace,
But in the echoes of her grave,
Nobody could see her lovely smile.

For you must know the aching truth,
She was imprisoned by fleeing love,
Melting away just flickering tears,
Keeping her wardens well and alive.

And there were lines for miles and miles,
Of men that wanted her yet pulsing heart,
For as in a modern fairytale of hope,
They thought a kiss would brake her curse.

Her garden room was silently aware,
That none can set the princess free.
In dorment hours of elastic despair,
The rose of bluesih smiles just spoke:

- Be quiet creatures of lust and torment,
Why do you bow with superficial kisses?
Are you not tempeted to escape this life
Of empty hope of true bond love?

- Our princee has no portrait of salvation,
She will not wake at your fragile desire,
So leave this place, strange creators of God,
And please do not ever, ever return.
Part I. 
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