Sex, shadows and love

Blind night

"As if you need a southing introduction,
My loving sin, you darling please remember,
The world already knows your mesmerizing diary, 
In which under a clammy sky, the shiver’s crying,
For beggars gloat and streets are dying,
A loving grace, a smile, your body’s warmth,
That will be mine again in night’s cold light.

The moon sends chills of parasitic cravings,
Will write chapters of everlasting love awakenings,
For those who wish to learn about the senses,
The softness of the lips carnally challenged,
Daring to breach the pleasure’s barrier of sin,
We know no boundaries; thy kiss is far from over,
And with a growl I lose my self awareness.

Our epic union will endure the darkness,
A light into the shadows will be born,
And loving stars will shine our caring closeness,
For now we’re one as heart and spirit.
Happy we are, something is blessing courage,
For gazing in your eyes I found myself,
My soul is smiling back and whispers,
Now don’t be scarred you’re just in love."

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