Loving grace

Loving grace

Love's tomb

Standing alone despairing boldly in a corner,
Cascading memories are reaping through my essence,
The southing smiles I used to love are fading,
O great is sorrow, remembering your name.

Under a candle’s light I turn into a shadow,
And with no real hope of ever coming back,
Your scares are burning deep my present spirit,
For now you’re gone thou flames are still arising,
Drowning my soul in a wretched timeless silence.   

With an increasing breathing pulse, I wonder,
If love is real or just a chemical dismantle,
I hate you Cupid and curse your agonizing arrows,
Your stupid game inflicts me pain withstanding hours.

Tears are swiftly calling my warm embrace,
It seems my lower lips are lonely yet again,
Drooling your name, I stand to be discovered,
For now my plan enfolds, the world is recognizing,
Death is the answer my promised sweet escape.

Although I know full well the repercussions,
A joyride straight to Hell will be my payment,
Thinking ahead my present suffering is far to calming,
And Satan’s evils will never out compass it.  

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